Sunday, 30 December 2012

Obaka-chan, Koikatariki - Review

[Manga Review] - おバカちゃん- Obakachan, Koikatariki

Written by Sato Zakuri 

Status: ongoing
Chapters: 24
Genre: Romance, School life, Comedy, Shoujo

Summary (MangaReader) :
From Shinnen: Since childhood, Neiro has been known for being good at fighting, making people fear her and giving her the title of Kansai s strongest woman. Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a highschool in Kantou. Instead, what faced her was a specially assembled class of delinquents.

Review :
When I happened to read this manga I couldn't stop laughing . 
The plot isn't all that complex, in fact its pretty common. Super strong girl, sick of being thought of as a rough girl (Oresama Teacher anyone ? ), transfers to another school in search of love.It must me the epitome of Shoujo comedy alright -.- 


 The heroin is by far the best projected character , she acts so strong and funny, I like her the best, yayee. She is not weak, crying in a corner, or calling in her mind a guy to save her.There was just this once where I was very irritated with her - she gets paint in her hair and cuts it. WHY CUT IT? There is NO need to cut your hair. Just put it up and wash it out when you get home- its not the end of the world. I know its the authors who wish to be dramatic but My god.

The art style has grown on me, mostly since it fits the humorous actions of the char­ac­ters quite well, and the way Zakuri is goofing off with it is hilarious.
Definitely one of my favorites, couldn't stop laughing like a sap, doki doki.

Overall score - 8.7/10

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