Monday, 17 June 2013


Look at this wicked book stack.


Read up a good hoard of manga. Reviews on the way. Have a good day ahead. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


[Manga review] -WATASHITACHI NO SHIAWASE NA JIKAN/our happy hours 

Written by -                               

Gong Ji-young

Artist - Sahara Mizu 

STATUS: Completed 
GENRE : DramaRomanceSeinenSlice Of LifeTragedy

Summary (from Mangafox) 
“I have something I don’t want to lose—
So much so that these terrible feelings have grown.”

A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother's antagonism--a brother's death... Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. "I want to live"...

An adaptation of a novel by South Korea's most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young.



WARNING : If you are emotionally unstable, please don't read this. this is an emotional coaster and will rip your heart into shreds.

This story got to me. I love finding stories I love. They just tend to be a bit more sad than the typical. Sad but hopeful. That’s my niche.

I really wouldn't want to spoil anything for you guys .  Its based on a novel and a movie of the same name.This is a hundred per cent different story line than all those streamline mangas that I had read so far.  a really beautiful plot and the art is so perfect.  A must read for anybody. 

Score - 10.5/10 [full justice] 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Science of Dogs- Bwahahaha

I have no clue how I found but just for the sake of sharing - Science of dogs. Ain't they adorable *kyaa* :3

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hibi Chouchou - Review

[ Manga Review] - 无口之恋- Hibi ChouChou 

Written by Morishita Suu 

GENRE: school life, romance

Summary(from MangaHere):

From Day of the River: Upon entering high school, the very quiet but extremely cute Suiren becomes the immediate center of attention among the boys…but one particular boy does not look her way.The story of a quiet girl and a quiet boy. A short, refreshing love story.


Well it is hard for a story to go anywhere especially when both of the main characters are <extremely> shy.The main girl, Takane Suiren is one of the most emotionless character "ever". It was nice that she isn’t those whiny and  attention deficit heroine but the fact that she hardly ever speaks is agonizing .She just stares at the main guy is a ver creepy manner *shivers* . The guy one the other hand (Kawasumi) is not as bad as her but he is shy alright. The story is slow-paced and is just filled with lots of cute moments. There’s nothing wrong with indulging with romance manga every now and then so go check it out.

Overall score- 7/10 

Obaka-chan, Koikatariki - Review

[Manga Review] - おバカちゃん- Obakachan, Koikatariki

Written by Sato Zakuri 

Status: ongoing
Chapters: 24
Genre: Romance, School life, Comedy, Shoujo

Summary (MangaReader) :
From Shinnen: Since childhood, Neiro has been known for being good at fighting, making people fear her and giving her the title of Kansai s strongest woman. Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a highschool in Kantou. Instead, what faced her was a specially assembled class of delinquents.

Review :
When I happened to read this manga I couldn't stop laughing . 
The plot isn't all that complex, in fact its pretty common. Super strong girl, sick of being thought of as a rough girl (Oresama Teacher anyone ? ), transfers to another school in search of love.It must me the epitome of Shoujo comedy alright -.- 


 The heroin is by far the best projected character , she acts so strong and funny, I like her the best, yayee. She is not weak, crying in a corner, or calling in her mind a guy to save her.There was just this once where I was very irritated with her - she gets paint in her hair and cuts it. WHY CUT IT? There is NO need to cut your hair. Just put it up and wash it out when you get home- its not the end of the world. I know its the authors who wish to be dramatic but My god.

The art style has grown on me, mostly since it fits the humorous actions of the char­ac­ters quite well, and the way Zakuri is goofing off with it is hilarious.
Definitely one of my favorites, couldn't stop laughing like a sap, doki doki.

Overall score - 8.7/10

Manga cafe - omurice

Every manga person knows about the "omurice" . Was fooling about a bit, found this recipe. Trust me, it tastes better than it looks 


  • YIELD: 2 Servings
  • PREP: 5 mins
  • COOK: 12 mins
  • READY IN: 17 mins
Savory sweet chicken fried rice topped with an omelette, omurice (オムライス) is a modern Japanese culinary staple.



  1. Add the eggs, cream and salt to a bowl and beat until the whites and yolks are well combined. 
  2. Add the oil to a 10" nonstick frying pan, then add the onions, carrots and garlic. Sauté over medium heat until the carrots are tender.
  3. Turn the heat up to high, add the chicken and continue sautéing until the chicken has warmed up. Add the rice to the pan, and use a spatula to break up the clumps and combine evenly. Chicken rice for omurice
  4. Add the ketchup and stir-fry until everything is well combined. Taste the rice and season with salt and pepper to taste.Ketchup fried rice
  5. Mound the rice on a plate, then put the pan back on the heat. Pour the egg mixture into the pan.Chicken rice
  6. Use a spatula to gently stir up the curds a few times, but stop stirring just before there isn't enough liquid left to spread out across the pan. Cover the pan with a lid and turn down the heat to medium low. Egg Omelette for Omurice
  7. The eggs are done when they aren't runny anymore, but the top surface still appears wet. If you use a glass lid, the egg should be done when the glass is hot to the touch.
  8. Slide the egg out of the pan and onto the rice. Garnish with ketchup and parsley to serve. Omurice

Annarasumanara - Review

[Manga review] - 안나라수마나라 -Annarasumanara

Written by Ha Il-kwon

STATUS: completed
GENRE: Drama, Mystery, romance, school life 

SUMMARY(from MangaFox) 
"Do you believe in magic?"

A rumor goes around school about an abandoned amusement park and a magician who lives there that can make someone disappear for good. Yoon Ai, a very smart girl in her class, struggles to feed herself and her sister everyday. She just wants to become an adult faster so that she can escape from the poverty and the reality of her current situation. One day, her life changes as she meets a childish magician who asks her: "Do you believe in magic?"


This was the first manhwa (Korean manga)- slash-webtoon that I read.Yes, I was a little skeptical at reading it first because the cover is, err.. not that appealing. But this was one tear jerker. The drawing was really good. And the Magician guy was mmm - HOT. And the girl is not annoying or nerve tensing at all and you can completely bear with her *drums roll* .Though the main character, Ai, admits that she is now a boring adult ,she has not fully given up on following her own path. I think this is the case for many of us as well; we have dreams and passions but we don’t know how we can slip them into the world we live in.  You absolutely got to read this if you haven't already. Yada yada  I should stop giving out any more spoilers, tehehe.
And i still can spell Annarasumanara. I mean what is it in the first place ? Korean for Abracadabra maybe ? :o 

Overall score - a 9/10 maybe :)